Push notifications when app is closed

Hello fuse team I can receive push notification via GCM in my fuse app, following your guide and example. But the question is how to receive them when the app is closed. I tried but nothing happens

How is it expected to work ? Max


Thanks for reporting this. It is supposed to work also when the app is closed. We will investigate.


Apologies for the delay. Unfortunately, the guys with best knowledge of this stuff is out for christmas vacation now, we’ll get back to it after new year :slight_smile:

Hi Anders, no problem, our app is proceeding, leaving the push as a very last feature even if essential :wink: Max

@Max: What version of Fuse are you using?

massimiliano, This must be a blast from the past for you here but I just noticed that this didnt get marked resolved, where you able to get the asistance you needed?

Push notifications has been working fine in the background for a long time now so I’m hoping this got resolved. If not yell at me and we can get things moving again.