Android FireBase notifications

Hi all,

Since Google closed GCM and switched to FCM we don’t receive pushnotifications on Android when the app is in background. When the app is active (foreground) we still receive them and the “receivedMessage” is called.

What do we need to do to get the notifications visible again when the Android app is in the background? Is the “Fuse.PushNotifications” still useable?


I’ve got an update here that supports FCM:

@aeq, thanks for your response. How can I use these libs with Fuse Studio? Currently I’m using version 1.9.0.

Or do I need to use another method to build my Android app?


@toineks you would have to use 1.10 because Androids newer gradle is also required which was updated from 1.10.

You could then point your project to the latest fuselibs with a .unoconfig file with: Packages.SourcePaths += [path to fuselibs]/fuselibs/Source

Override just the Fuse.PushNotifications files from my PR.

Then run uno doctor afterwards.