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Push Module - receivedMessage

In the last release of FuseLibs and uno (1.13) when I click on a push notification the receivedMessage don’t trigger when the app is open. This worked in previous version but now its imposible to excute some action when I click in a notification.

I test it on Android…

If 1.13 included the AndroidX support, then you would need to upgrade all the dependencies to use AndroidX libraries like so: https://github.com/fuse-open/fuselibs/pull/1318/files

AndroidX PRs:

But @aeq this solve the onMessageReceived? My push work fine but the only problem, I think in iOS also happen, is when I click a push notification with the app closed or in background and the receivedMessage don’t trigger.

I really need to open the notification section in many apps when I click the notification when the app is closed or in background… I have many apps with this error and this worked fine in previous versions…

Which push notification module are you using?

I’m using https://fuseopen.com/docs/fuse/pushnotifications/push.html with uno 1.13.2 and fuselibs 1.13.0

Ok, I’m gonna do tests with latest everything…

I just tested for iOS and can confirm:

  • registration succeeded
  • payload was received via receivedMessage
    • when app is open
    • when app is closed
    • when app is “minimised” or in background

I just tested for Android and can confirm:

  • registration succeeded
  • payload was received via receivedMessage
    • when app is open
    • when app is closed
    • when app is “minimised” or in background

Latest fuselibs now has AndroidX Support merged:

There is still an android push notification update PR:

Tested now in a separarate app with Uno Canary and the Fuselibs you send me. On iOS work perfect but on Android dont trigger receivedMessage when the app is in background or closed and I click the notification from the topbar.

Tested on a Samsung Note 10+, Huawei p30 pro with Android 9, Samsung S4 with Android 5.0.1 and doesn’t work!

I tested on Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, both worked with Android 9.

I updated the PR to include the latest master but I don’t think that’s the issue: https://github.com/fuse-open/fuselibs/pull/1318

Tested with master fuselibs and uno repos + PR: https://github.com/fuse-open/fuselibs/pull/1318

I try all and doesn’t work :dizzy_face:
Now I try with:

"dependencies": {
    "@fuse-open/fuselibs": "^1.14.0-canary.0",
    "@fuse-open/uno": "^1.14.0-canary.1",
    "android-build-tools": "^1.3.0-canary.0"

And don’t work

Might have something to do with this : https://onesignal.com/blog/manufacturers-interfere-with-reliable-notifications/

I follow the instructions but the same problem

I receive the push perfect on my device. If I have the app open and a notification arrives the receivedMessage function execute fine. But if my app is in background, the push arrives but if I click on it, the app opens but the receivedMessage don’t trigger…

Here is a video to demostrate my problem: video.zip (4.1 MB)

My MainView:

		var Push = require("FuseJS/Push");
		var vibration = require('FuseJS/Vibration');
		var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");

		var Message = Observable("-");

		Push.on("registrationSucceeded", function(regID) {

		Push.on("error", function(reason) {

		Push.on("receivedMessage", function(payload) {

			Message.value = "Received!!!!";

			setTimeout(function() {
				Message.value = "-";
			}, 3000);


		module.exports = {
			Message: Message,

	<Text Value="{Message}" TextAlignment="Center" Color="#000" FontSize="50" Alignment="VerticalCenter" />

My .unoproj:

  "Title": "test",
  "Version": "3.23",
  "VersionCount": 323,
  "Mobile": {
    "Orientations": "Portrait"
  "Packages": [
  "Android": {
    "WindowIsTranslucent" : false,
    "UsesCleartextTraffic": true,
    "GooglePlay": {
          "SenderID": "xxxxxx"
    "Package": "xxxxx"
  "Includes": [