Pushnotification Android when app is in background

Hi, I only receive pushnotifications when the app is in foreground. Then the “receivedMessage” is nicely called. I’m not getting any notification when the app is closed or is running in the background.

What do I need to add/change to get the messages in my notificationcenter at that time?

Fuse version 1.3.2 (build 14697)
MacOS 10.13

Hi toine.

If you’re not receiving notifications when the app is in background (but they’re delivered when the app is in foreground), that’s most probably because the JSON payload you sent does not have the right structure. It is important that it contains the alert element, otherwise the OS treats it as a silent notification that should not be added to the notification bar.

See docs for details about the payload format.

Hope this helps!

When I use the gcm-API directly it works fine.

We are using pushwoosh.com for sending pushnotifications, seems like the payload they are sending is different. Any experience with that service?

Sorry, no experience with that service. Though I would expect them to know exactly how to deliver a notification that shows up in the notification centre, so perhaps playing around with createMessage params will lead to success.