Android - Push notifications payload event not fired if there are more than 1 notifications in the list

  • Fuse 1.8.1
  • Marshmallow

If I send the device a single push notification at a time and open it each time before sending the next one, the payload is 100%, tested via lock screen and via tray.

If I send the device several push notifications, the following happens:

  1. after opening any notification (could open the latest received) via lock screen or via tray, the payload of the 1st notification received is returned.

  2. after opening subsequent notifications via the lock screen or via tray, the payload event is not fired.

While what you’re reporting isn’t exactly what I see in this ticket, I suspect it’s pretty close to that. You’re welcome to add more details to that ticket.

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Hi @aeq,

I have the fix from couple of months, i will try to push it on the github and crearte PR.

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@Ahmed_Diab shweet dude! Can’t wait :slight_smile:

hey @Ahmed_Diab was just wondering if you managed to get it into 1.9?

Thanks, @aeq
I have created PR here and its merged now you can clone fuselibs master from here

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Ok cool, thanks @Ahmed_Diab!

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@Uldis @Ahmed_Diab @aeq Do you have any new information about this topic ? I have installed 1.9 version fuse, but the same behavior continue, when I have more than one notification in notification status bar, when I click on one notification, in app is receiving the oldest notification from notification status bar, not that one I have clicked…

Any information will this be fixed, and if, when approximately ?

Hey @zoran.gorgioski , did you use the master branch of the fuselibs from github and not the last install? Cos it worked for me.

@aeq Is this going to be implemented in an official update of fuse ? If yes, when approximately ?

If not, which version of fuse I need to use combined with fuse-open/fuselibs to not have this bug ?

@zoran.gorgioski I’m just another developer, maybe @kusma can help you on this one.

@aeq Can you give example of .unoconfig file ? I know that it has to contain this line “Packages.SourcePaths += /Source” for the path to fuselibs-master, but does it has to contain something else ? If you have, please send me the whole content of the .unoconfig file


@zoran.gorgioski nope, just got that line:

Packages.SourcePaths += /github/fuselibs/Source
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@zoran.gorgioski you could try run uno doctor in your project folder:

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Hello Guys,
I do prefer to use my own fork of Fuse.Firebase for both Android and iOS. it works 100% fine on iOS and Android.

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Thanks @Ahmed_Diab, will move to firebase in our next version, great job though! :muscle:

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tnx @aeq , it works now :slight_smile: I think “uno doctor” was the key

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