Problem with circle rendering

Hi, all!

Some strange problem arised this morning - the circles rendered as rectangles. Version fusetools 0.20.2, Windows 10.

In my projects all circles wich I’ve made earlier rendered as usual. But if I insert new circle - it rendedred as rect. If I create new project - problem dissapears. But if I open old projects - kill all code and isert circle - it rendered as rect.

The code examples:

Here I got black rect at center of the page (on local and Android device). What I did so far: uno clean projects and restart computer - without success.

Please, help.

You’ve given the circle a background and no color, which means it’ll fill out a 100x100 size field with the background color (which you’ve set to black), so that’s the expected behavior.

What you probably meant to do was this:

    <ClientPanel Background="#eee">
        <Circle Width="100" Height="100" Color="#000" Alignment="Center" />

Damn it! You are right! Thank you very much!