No Rounded Corners


I can’t seem to get a preview for rounded corners on Fuse (Pro) at all.

Version 1.1.1 (public release) on Windows 10 (latest public release)

I tried logging out and back in to Fuse Pro but nothing changed.

Preview: (light yellow bar should have rounded corners, displays square ones instead)


<Rectangle Background="#ffebcb" Height="40" Margin="10" CornerRadius="6" ux:Name="Comunicado">
	<DockPanel Alignment="CenterLeft" Padding="0, 0, 0, 0">
		<Text Value="Comunicado" TextWrapping="NoWrap" TextAlignment="Left" Alignment="CenterLeft" Dock="Left" Margin="15, 0, 0, 0" TextColor="#000" />
		<ScrollView AllowedScrollDirections="Horizontal" Alignment="CenterLeft" Margin="15, 0, 0, 0" Dock="Fill">
			<Text Value="A partir da versão 3.15.2 do Tabmedia, as questões do tipo “Verdadeiro ou Falso” terão nova correção. Atualize seu tablet para ver suas notas em todas as avaliações." TextAlignment="Left" TextWrapping="NoWrap" Alignment="CenterLeft" Dock="Right" TextColor="#5D5D5D" />
		<Button Alignment="CenterLeft" Margin="10, 0, 10, 0" Dock="Right">
			<Image File="imagens/fecharOff.png" ux:Name="imagemBotaoFechar">
					<Change Target="imagemBotaoFechar.Opacity" Value="0.5" Duration="0" DurationBack="0.5" />
					<Change Target="Comunicado.Height" Value="0" Duration="0.5" Easing="CubicOut"/>
					<Set Target="Comunicado.Visibility" Value="Collapsed" Delay="0.5"/>

Background fills in the whole rectangle of a given visual element, you should use Color instead, which is a brush that respects other constraints.

Consider this example:

	<StackPanel Width="240" Alignment="VerticalCenter" ItemSpacing="8">
		<Rectangle Height="56" Color="#18f" CornerRadius="8" />
		<Rectangle Height="56" Background="#18f" CornerRadius="8" />

Thank you Uldis, It’d taken me ages to find that difference.