Rotating any element with opacity != 1 inside a Viewport Class throws a warning

Fuse Local Preview is giving me this warning on the Problems tab - Fuse 1.0.1 on Windows 10

"This element has a partial opacity and is not flat.  This will not render correctly. Put the opacity on a flat child panel instead."

Here’s also a small test app based on the same Viewport example, that is available on the docs at

I’ve just added a Opacity=“0.7” to the rectangle and a circle to the background to prove that everything is working as expected. But when the rotation is triggered the warning appears on the Problems tab.

	<Circle Height="50" Width="50" ZOffset="0" Alignment="Center" Fill="Blue"/>
	<Viewport Perspective="400" ZOffset="1">
			<Rectangle Opacity="0.7" Width="200" Height="200" Background="#2ecc71">
					<Rotate DegreesX="360" Duration="1" Easing="QuadraticInOut" DurationBack="0" />

The warning tells me that something will not be rendered correctly, but I haven’t found any real issues yet. This is specially annoying when you use several elements falling in that same scenario, flooding Fuse Studio with a lot of warnings.

There is any correct way to do this? Or its really a misplaced warning?


The warning message says it all. If you wrap the Rectangle in a Panel and rotate the panel instead, it will render correctly and not give a warning.

The fact that the warning is annoying and flooding however is a problem that should be fixed on the Fuse side. A cleanup of how realtime warnings/diagnostics are reported in is more than due.

Thanks Anders, nothing to worry then.