Possible to use Google Cloud Messaging on iOS build?

One thing that my team has done that makes our lives easier is to use Google Cloud Messaging for push notifications on both iOS and Android. This means that we only have to send notifications to the Google server, and don’t have to track whether a given push subscription is an iOS or Android device.

Earlier, I took a shot at incorporating GCM support into an iOS exported project but the structure of the generated project appears to be very different from the usual project generated in XCode. Of course, adding a feature by modifying generated code isn’t exactly best practice either. :wink:

Does Fuse Tools have any support for using Google Cloud Messaging on iOS, or for adding Objective-C code and plist files that would be incorporated into a the generated XCode project? Thanks.


We do not provide any support for Google Cloud Messaging out of the box. But it is possible to interop with Objective-C and Java code from Uno. Meaning it should not be a problem integrating it into fuse.

We are working hard on releasing a feature that we call foreign-code, this feature will allow you to almost drag-drop Java and ObjC into Uno projects. When this is released it should be very nice to write the code needed. If you need this today you can use UXL.

Feel free ask if you have any followup questions :slight_smile:

Thank you for the informative response. For now we’ve decided to only worry about Android on this particular project. I look forward to the Foreign Code feature, it sounds great!