Tutorial for push notifications with a custom backend

I’m working with push notifications and a custom backend, and I’m pretty sure your tutorial works with parse on both ios and android, but with my backend it only works on android. It would be cool if the tutorials went into a bit more detail about how to get apns provisioning working with the generated xcode project. I realize that with enough effort you can figure out how to do this on your own by delving into like 5 other tutorials and with great amounts of effort, but it all becomes a bit unclear when you get to the custom generated code.

Hi there titaniumeyes,

You are right of course :slight_smile: We could do with a more in depth tutorial on setting up the server side of Apple’s push notifications. I will add to the todo list. I can’t give you a due date on that as we are wrangling with features and bugfixes right now.

Regarding the ‘how this works with generated projects’ part of your question the answer is actually ‘Rather well’! Although Apple’s setup process is a PITA the certificates applied based on the project name by Xcode; So once it’s all set up you can rebuild the Fuse project any number of times and the certificates will be applied automatically so Push keeps working. It’s just a bummer getting to that point (especailly when it’s all in Apple-land so we can’t streamline it grr)

Thanks for posting, this is something that needs to be added.