Push Notifications from Backendless

Hi Everyone

Could anyone tell me if they have successfully managed to get android push notifications arriving in their app initiated from the mobile backend provider Backendless? iOS no problem and sending notifications via the android gcm/send/ webapi works fine but I want to keep everything in Backendless.

Appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this.



Hi Steven,

I searched the forums and found a couple mentions of Backendless there. Take a look at those, maybe there’s something useful.

Other than that, getting up and running with a 3rd party service is not something that we can provide support for. Currently the suggested approach for Push notifications is this: https://github.com/fuse-compound/FuseExample_Using_APNS_and_Firebase_Together

Hi Uldis

Thank you for your references. Unfortunately nothing on the forum can help me but i’m interested in something. Why is it that the fuse-compound example you referenced in the suggested approach over the https://www.fusetools.com/docs/fuse/pushnotifications/push approach? I can’t seem to understand this.

Thank you


The reason for that is quite simple.

The fuse-compound implementation uses Firebase for Android push notifications, and FuseJS/Push for iOS.

The Firebase implementation is more advanced, and has support for things that are Android-specific, and it’s arguably easier to extend than the internal one. Unfortunately on iOS we can’t use just the Firebase implementation, because those notifications on iOS are only delivered when the app runs in foreground (which kind of beats the purpose of push notifications), so we have to combine both.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Uldis for taking the the time to explain. Appreciate it.