PageControl Animation with two animation method

Can i have two way about changing page animation in PageControl?

    <NavigationMotion GotoEasing="QuadraticOut" GotoDuration="0.3" />
    <Each Count="30">
        <Card />

In this code, `NavigationMotion` is valid when user swipe screen.
But when some button was clicked, I want to change page instantly without animation.

No, PageControl does not allow adjusting animation to this level.

The Navigator control allows using Transition , which can customize the transition between pages based on many parameters. If you need fine-grained control you’ll have to take this approach.

Okay, looking at the internal question you had, you can certainly do a bypass transition on PageControl though.

You can use the seekToPath JavaScript function on the path directly.

The NavigateTo action also has a Bypass property.

If using a router the RouterModify action has a Transition property to adjust this.

@motoray Thanks. I got a new important information javascript can access ux:Name directly! seekToPath works great.