Jump directly to page without transition

I want to have a mixture of swiping between pages and direct jump to specific ones.
Basically, what this example from the docs does:

What I am stuck at is the following:
Swiping between pages should work as in the example.
But if clicking Home on the blue page, it should jump directly to red, without going through the green one.
In the example green is shortly visible.

Sounds not to complicated, but I did not find it through searching.

If you don’t want any animation at all you can call pageControl.seekToPath("some_page") from JavaScript on the desired page control. This does a bypass swithc, skipping all the animation. You can alternately use a <NavigateTo Target="somePage" Bypass="true"/> as a trigger action in UX.

These completely skip any animation. If you just want to skip the animation of a single page, but still animate between the current and target page, you need to use a Navigator instead of a PageControl.


Regarding pageControl:
Is this somewhere described in the docs? I don’t know the exact syntax.
When using pageControl in JS it gives a build error. Seems it requires a package,
but I don’t know, which one.

pageControl just refers to the ux:Name of your page control, for example <PageControl ux:Name="pageControl">. You can of course use whatever name you’d like.