Change swiping animation of pagecontrol


im trying to show this example
( in first page of navigation.

but when I change the page to next, those half transparent cards are following like hallucinations and it was because of those code.

farther, our next page isn’t that smooth design to swipe that much.

so if there is any way to change swiping animation of PageControl bar please let me know.

I want to change it just shows up from horizntal slides

thank you. :slight_smile:


Its hard to understand what you’re trying to achieve.
Could you include some code to show us what you’ve tried so far?

sorry for my hard describe.
simply, I want to know if there is any way to change animation when page change in pagecontrol.

its swiping when I clicked or scrolled horizontally. if I want to make swipe animation to just showing up like android default view change, how could I do that?


This example might be useful to you :
You should also take a look at the Transition class:

It gives you much more freedom in creating transitions between pages.

I hope that helps. Still not very much to go on :slight_smile: