PageControl inside Page and custom animation

I have this code :

<Page ux:Name="moviePanel" Transition="None">
  <Image File="05.png" Alignment="Center" Layer="Background"/>
  <LinearNavigation ux:Name="navigation">
      <NavigationMotion GotoEasing="CircularOut" GotoDuration="0.5" Overflow="Open"/>        <!-- TODO Duration check on phone -->
  <SwipeNavigate ux:Name="swipeNavigate" ForwardDirection="Right"/>

  <PageControl ux:Name="pageControl" >
    <Each Items="{movieList}">
        <MovieCard />

  <Panel Alignment="Bottom">
    <PageIndicator ux:Name="pageIndicator" Navigation="pageControl" Dock="Bottom" Alignment="TopCenter">
          <Circle ux:Template="Dot" ux:Name="dotFac" Color="#C6C6C9" Margin="5" Width="10" Height="20">
              <Scale Factor="1.1"/>
              <Change dotFac.Color="#fed166" />

I added pageControl so i can have the pageIndicators at the bottom of my screen. My problem is that when i added the pageControl it ignored completely the LinearNavigation and SwipeNavigation plus every EnteringAnimation, WhileActive etc i have inside MovieCard class. What am i doing wrong ?



<PageControl /> has default animations for Pages put in it. Try setting <PageControl Transition="None" />

please also have a look at the docs for PageControl

Hello and thanks for the answer! i added Transition="None" to the PageControl as you said. My problem now is that i can’t find out how to add my old transition effects; or what i am doing wrong…

I tried adding these lines inside the PageControl

<LinearNavigation ux:Name="navigation">
    <NavigationMotion GotoEasing="CircularOut" GotoDuration="0.5" Overflow="Open"/>
<SwipeNavigate ux:Name="swipeNavigate" ForwardDirection="Right"/>

but when i do the swipe doesn’t work.

Without PageControl

As i show you in the first video without the pageControl my original animation was like this and the left and right cards were still shown but with different opacity. Now if i add the pageControl the result is the second video.

With PageControl

A <PageControl /> already has LinearNavigation and SwipeNavigate on it. Have a look at this example:


    <Page ux:Class="MyPage" TransformOrigin="TopLeft">
            <Rotate Degrees="90" />
            <Scale Factor="0.5" />
            <Move RelativeTo="Size" X="1" />

    <PageControl Transition="None">
        <MyPage Color="#fc0" />
        <MyPage Color="#0cf" />
        <MyPage Color="#cf0" />


I already have EnteringAnimation and ExitingAnimation to my pages and i found my way with the navigationMotion and SwipeNavigate. My problem now is that as show to the videos above it keeps dissapearing the next and previous cards. Any idea why ?

Thank you very much for the help so far !