Problems with preview local and Android in Windows 10

Hi, Im triying see the preview of some examples. I start the command line and everything seems good but the terminal in the end only shows:

“.build\Android-Debug\run.bat Trying to uninstall existing version of APK”

The terminal seems freeze at this point.

In windows 7 works but I upgrade to Windows 10. What can I do? :frowning:



We apologize for the poor error message, but this is usually not a Fuse problem. This typically means your OS doesn’t properly connect to the Android device.

Make sure your phone shows up as a storage device in windows explorer. If it doesn’t, that’s the first problem you need to solve. Install the appropriate drivers and enable developer mode on your phone. If this doesn’t help, google common connectivity problems with your phone model.

Please also have a look at for some more suggestions on how to fix this.