no preview in studio

Bug error: app preview in fuse studio only shows a blank screen, and fuse studio frequently crashes
System OS: Windows 10 Home edition version
Fresh install of fuse(v1.5), VS code editor, VS fuse plugin, Sublime Text 3 and its plugin

Steps: turn on everything and follow

Notes: I downloaded the app for my android to live sync changes to my phone and that actually works but the main screen in fuse studio is still blank. Also, if I purposefully put in malformed syntax then fuse studio will output the error logs correctly so its probably not the text editor plugin.

This sounds a lot like you have either incompatible hardware, or unsupported version of OpenGL.

Could you try running fuse build -tdotnet -r or fuse build -tnative -r and report back on what happens?

Also, what are the hardware specs of your computer?