cant get the preview to work

Hey guys i downloaded fuse a few weeks ago and I still can not get the preview to work. I was planning on using fuse to learn how to code and try building a app or two i have in mind. But i do no feel confortable starting if i cant preview.

the following is what i get when i try running from the command line.

Configuring (7,370.28 ms)

Compiling syntax tree (5,272.78 ms)

Generating code and data (20,877.53 ms)

Build completed in 33.55 seconds. 0 Warning(s) 0 Error(s)

Build complete. Output: GL_VERSION: 1.1.0 Output: GL_VENDOR: Microsoft Corporation Output: GL_RENDERER: GDI Generic

This could either be a case of missing graphics drivers (easy to fix) or a not-suited graphics adapter (not as easy to fix).

You can read more about it here:

I will look into it thank you!