MacOS White Preview Screen

I renamed the build directory to ,build then back to build.
I wanted to see if Fuse would just re-build the directory to save disk space (it was taking up 1Gig).

NOW, no matter what project I open (even simple “Hello, world”) app, the log says "Build completed but the preview remains white.

I’m pulling out my hair as I’ve spent a month or so building my app.

In another thread I saw and tried this from the console and got this:

What does that mean?

Fuse version 1.1.0 (build 13808)

Just to make sure: You renamed the build directory in just one project, right? This should not affect any other projects. It should also not affect detecting your supported OpenGL version.

I think these are separate issues. What happens if you create a blank project and then try uno build?

Something like this:

fuse create app empty
cd empty
uno build -tdotnet -r

This issue was related to my hardware. To reduce noise please feel free to delete THIS WHOLE THREAD from your forums.