Cannot see fuse build

Fuse version: 1.0.3 - build 13739 / macOS
I have recently installed this version of Fuse in mac, but when I open any app (new empty or examples), I don´t see any layout but an empty white screen. Even when I edit the mainview.ux file in SublimeText (build 3116).
I installed the Sublime Fuse plugin, restarted both applications, changed the order to start them, but all I see is a blank canvas.
What could I be missing in the installation, that could lead to this? PS: I didn´t have such issue on Windows. Only in macOS.
Thanks in advance.
Nano H2


sadly, you’ve hit a known (and fixed) issue that hasn’t yet made it to a stable Fuse build. Please see details on it, and a workaround for it in this thread.

You could also give Fuse 1.1.0 QA version a try if you’re okay to sit on the bleeding edge - I’m not entirely sure, but it could include the proper fix for the issue.

Hope this helps!