I am developing an app and I am wondering if it is possible to make it OpenSource or because the FuseTools licensing is not possible? I am not sure. Can I make my fuse app source code license to be MIT or BSD?

Thank you


Whatever you make in fuse is your own, and you can publish your app under the license you want :slight_smile:

@carlos: this is also covered in the license agreement - I’ve highlighted the relevant section for you:

4. Use of Output: Provided that you otherwise comply with this License Agreement, You are free to use, sublicense, sell, rent or otherwise distribute the object code output generated by your use of the Software for any purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial.

And just to make sure it’s all clear (since the previous 2 answers were both talking about “publishing” and “object code”):

Your source code is of course also your own, to license as you please. :slight_smile: In other words: any UX, Uno or other code you write yourself can of course be published under any license you want.

You can of course not change the license of any of the fuse library source code (e.g. “the code that we wrote”) but all of that code is still freely available to anyone who installs Fuse.

Thank you very much. It’s crystal clear