License Model

Now that the product is making good process it’s time to get serious…

We would like use the tool in production environments. Can you clarify what business or licening model is planned? What is the version one timeframe? What support plans are planned?

Same question.

Very happy to hear you guys are getting serious about Fuse :slight_smile:

Let me split up my answer a bit:

1) Using Fuse in production

You can do that today, and you’re free to continue to do so in the future. As a rule of thumb: what you can use today will remain free also in the future, and the apps you build with it are yours to distribute as you see fit. The relevant parts in the current (beta) license when it comes to this are:

1. License: Provided that you otherwise comply with this License Agreement, you are granted a personal, non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-transferrable license to install, run and use the Software for any purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial, for a period of 6 months from the release date of this build of the Software.

4. Use of Output: Provided that you otherwise comply with this License Agreement, You are free to use, sublicense, sell, rent or otherwise distribute the object code output generated by your use of the Software for any purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial.

2) Business / licensing model

Our model is pretty simple: at some point we will introduce optional commercial features and services. If you don’t need / want them then you’re free to keep using Fuse as-is. In fact, most of what you can access through the beta today will be Open Source pretty soon, but that’s a topic for another day. :slight_smile: We’re not going to comment on pricing model specifics for any commercial features just yet as this is still a bit into the future (and we prefer facts over predictions!) However, I can say that we aim to be reasonable. :slight_smile:

3) Version 1.0

We have no specific plans to place a “version 1.0”-label on Fuse anytime soon. :slight_smile: Right now we’re in beta, and we’ll remain in beta as long as that makes sense. We’d rather talk about feature maturity instead of product versioning. What I mean by that is that we’re dedicated to make sure that the features we choose to implement are done well, rather than trying to come up with a complete set of features that would make sense as a “version 1.0”.

4) Enterprise support

At this time there are no commercial support programmes nor any formal guarantees about the applicability or stability of the frameworks. On a general basis we obviously aim to provide the best possible support to all our users but there are not yet any concrete plans to create more formalized paid support options. **EDIT: We now have a commercial support program available. Please [contact us]( for more information**

@Remi: thx for clarifying

A related question, then, would be: do you consider you are on a right track as business model? Is the project sustainable for the coming years? It’s ok for now to work with a toolchain with a beta label, as long as we know it won’t follow Parse in the foreseable future :slight_smile:

Obviously we’re not going to go out and make promises for things which are unknowable, but yes, we believe we’ll stick around. :slight_smile:

Update: our CEO and co-founder Anders has written about the death of Parse on our Medium, I suggest you give that a read :slight_smile:

I know, I was just throwing it out there :slight_smile: Let’s build some nice things!