Open-sourcing the Packages files

Hello everybody,
I’ve started using Fusetools since a month now and I’m generally happy with it, I believe and hope in a bright future for it.

I find very useful having the .uno files around because this allows me to create/clone/fix native modules, although the way I do this at the moment is quite tricky.
Sometimes it is possible to externalise a piece of code and build your own uno module but sometimes the thing I’m trying to extend is deeply dependent from other internal modules and the only way to clone it is by cloning an entire namespace, which makes the module hard to maintain. Not to mention that sharing the custom modules with the community might not be possible being those modules forked from the original $.uno files and therefore this might violate the licensing on those files.

Another good example are small fixes that the community would gladly take care of, for instance I completed my Fuse.Reactive.Console by implementing all the TODOs and now I’m able to print functions and objects among other things. Those are micro fix but yet useful.

I’m aware that you’re are considering Open-Sourcing Fusetools in the future and I think that starting with the Packages could be an harmless and rewarding start. Harmless because being a very narrowed part of Fuse it shouldn’t impact your business model and rewarding because you would be paid back by the community contribution.

Let me end my post with some gratitude for all the efforts you guys are putting in building such an amazing tool… thank you.


Hey Pasquale!

Sorry for the late reply, but i have some good news for you at least.

The Fuse packages (or fuselibs as we call them here) are actually in the process of being open sourced right now :slight_smile:

While i can’t say exactly when it goes public, you can expect it to happen fairly soon.

At that point we will of course be very happy about contributions.


That was an excellent move Kristian, I’ve found fuselibs on GitHub and cloned the repo.
Thank you very much!