Can I develop an app with assets in fuse examples?

I love fuse tools, especially the fantastic motion effect! So, I’m thinking what app I could make with fusetools, and I just wonder I may use the beautiful assets in examples. I hope you guys could offer the service about assets. I know it’s not that easy though. love fusetools!

Hey there - happy to hear you’re enjoying Fuse :slight_smile: As for the assets, they are currently without an attached license for use, but we’ll remedy that soon.

As some examples are inspired by other people’s work, we cannot offer a blanket license for free use for those, unfortunately.

Long story short: you’re free to use the code in the examples, but until we attach a license to the assets, they are not available for use. Exception being the fonts which are available under the open CIL license.

Thanksfor the reply :slight_smile: Then, Is Fusetools for free? It’s important for me cause I have a plan to make an app for a business. If it’s not, I wonder when is gonna be payed

Fuse is free, and apps made with Fuse are yours to do with as you please. This is covered in the license you accept when downloading the software btw, so please re-read that :slight_smile: