Minor license updates

As of release 0.27 we’ve made some small updates to the Fuse end-user license and since we’re still not an evil megacorporation (or even a slightly ill-willed small one) we figured we should let you know what they are. :slight_smile:

We made these changes because some of the wording, which had been around since back when we were in a very closed beta, just didn’t make sense anymore. In a few cases it was even preventing some people & companies from picking up Fuse, for no good reason at all.

If you are already using Fuse then I wouldn’t expect this to make much difference to you (but please let us know if I’m wrong about that)


  • Section 1: We removed “the weird 6-month limit”. In other words: there is no limitation on how long you can use a specific release of Fuse.
    If you release an app you can now keep a copy of the corresponding tool version around in case you need to do patches or rebuilds (without having to forward-port the whole thing).
    That said, we still strongly recommend that you always use the latest release whenever possible. (It’s usually better!)

  • Section 6: We’ve shortened it and clarified that it’s about tool usage and not your personal (or company) information. The old version may have looked a bit scary but rest assured that we won’t tell the world about the cool stuff you’re building with Fuse unless you’re ok with it. :slight_smile:

  • Removed the references to “developer preview” and “beta” as they added no value to the rest of the license (the old closed-beta confidentiality clause was already removed quite some time ago). There was also some confusion around whether “developer preview” had some special meaning (it didn’t).