Information about Fuse and API integration

Hi guys,

I want to make an App in Fuse and I wan’t to know some things like:

  • Which Version of Android / iOS are supported?
  • Can I use Google Place API in my Fuse App?
  • Is there a way to allow credit card / paypall payment?

Currently, as Fuse is still in beta, we haven’t made a final decision on exactly what versions will be supported. With that caveat established, our current target versions are:

  • Android: Anything not working on 16 (JellyBean) is considered a bug.
    • Depending on features used 10 (Gingerbread) and greater might work
    • Versions below 10 will definitively not work, as that’s the minimal version specified when building
  • iOS: 8.0 and up

Regarding API for Google Places and credit card payments, we don’t currently have any official API’s for this. You can however write your own bindings using Uno foreign code:

There also might be community efforts I’m not aware of, I’ll get back to you on this if I find out about any.

Note that when it comes to in-app credit card and paypal payments I believe both Apple and Google got some restrictions on what is allowed…