In-App Purchases


I really need in-app purchases, I’m edging closer to release, and I know there are a couple of others who are also now at a point in their project where they need IAPs. Any input would be greatly appreciated.



If you want to use the in-app purchase APIs provided by Apple and Google I think the only way is to go through ObjC and Java.

I dont know if anyone has already made an abstraction for fuse, but there certainly is a need for it.

i need to make iap too, i was wondering if this is possible with fuse trough java or can i integrate a plugin like this?

I do not know about Atomic plugins and how they work, but you could do this with java through Foreign Code.

Hey, has there been any update on this? Anyone got anything working?

There has been a bit of progress on this but nothing has been released yet. We hope to get an example project out in the not-too-distant future. (maybe before the end of the month).

Great, thanks for giving me at least some sort of timeline!


Looking forward to this. It’s the only thing left to finish my app.

same here :smiley:

And here you have it! :slight_smile:

The two OSes are supported through separate packages (rather than one abstracted API) since this was the fastest path to getting something working. By opening it up we’re hoping that someone in the community perhaps will pick it up and evolve it further. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! Great job!