Has anyone figured out how to use google places in Fuse?

I’ve been knocking my head on this, and finishing a project I have is very dependent on making google places work within Fuse - allowing users to search and save places.

I haven’t found anything (the current implementation of Apple Maps isn’t useful). Most of the replies / responses have been do it using Uno which seems against the point of Fuse.

Has anyone managed this? And if so can you point me in the right direction?

I really don’t want to abandon this project but I can’t proceed without this.

Thanks so much.

maybe this repo good for starting point : Fuse.PlaceAutocomplete

What exactly you want to achieve? I used Google Places in an app and it’s easy since it’s just a Rest API. You can also place pins in the MapView from the output (although the visual options are quite limited).

Pretty simply. I’m looking for a way people can search places and add to a list. I’d like as part of that to pull in the photos of the place as well. I had this working in a web app but obviously I really want this to be in an app.

You can see what I’m trying to do here - https://www.placelistapp.com/


You can use Fetch to query the endpoint.