How to navigate between ux files

Hi, I have two files: store.ux and storebrands.ux (each one with a corresponding js), the entry point is in store.ux, this screen shows some brand logos, now I need to click on each image to load the other screen (storebrands.ux) and a way of identifying in the next screen the logo that was clicked.

I don’t really have a clue on how to do it. Thanks everyone!


You should look into how Navigation works in Fuse.

You can read about that topic in the learn section here:

You might also want to check out this sample:

Hi Kristian, thanks for answering! The issue I see is that in my second ux file (storebrand.ux) I have already implemented a PageControl for navigating (swipe) between products and is just working fine, what I could not find is how to jump to the other ux file directly when clicking on some item.

Or what you mean is that I must create all my pages on the ux file (like 200 products aprox) and the use the page control to load the one I need? There’s no a way to load the ux file dynamically and pass a parameter to it?

Hi, this is solved. Thank you. wrote:

Hi, this is solved. Thank you.

Hey, can you post how you solved this?