load ux file cotents dynamically

I have two ux files, the first one called GeneralInformation.ux, and the second one called Profile.ux .
And I have one panel and two buttons in MainView.ux file.

My Question is, how can I load Profile.ux file contents when the user clicks on Profile button? I don’t need to render both views and following show/hide philosophy.

I need to do that just to increase app performance and to not load un-necessary data.
Please advise.

Hi Akmal,

it seems that a Navigator is the way to go, so you can separate GeneralInformation and Profile into components. Navigation and routing it’s a great tutorial to start.

About load unnecessary data, Fuse has some great triggers than can help you to get data only when is necessary.

Finally about the performance you don’t have to worry because Fuse really does a good job rendering your app using OpenGL and native code. (Tip) Building your app is way faster than preview :slight_smile: