Need help with navigation

how to navigate to differet ux whenever menu on side panel is clicked.


I am working on side panel and have different menu on sidepanel but couldn’t open ux file whenever it is clicked for example there is Adminview.ux and Officeview.ux. I want to open those ux on main without disappearing sidemenu.

Hi, Maybe it can help : In MainView.ux: Change : <Panel Alignment=“Top” to <DockPanel Dock=“Top”

Add below:

In SidePanel.ux:

Pls let me know if it works.

Thanks! it works. But is there any way to call the AdminView.ux and OfficeView.ux from javascript. I have sidemenu option using (Each) tag called from Main.js file. If not I will just changed my sidepanel code. Anyway thanks for that example.

I think you can try to modify Main.js data: menuList.add({menuName:“Activity”,pageAcitve:“ActivityPage”}); menuList.add({menuName:“Office”,pageAcitve:“OfficePage”}); menuList.add({menuName:“Admin”,pageAcitve:“AdminPage”});

And in SidePanel:

But i do not know why it can not bind pageActive at this point. If you can find out it , pls update that code to work for me.

Hi all, I still haven’t figure it out. Updated to fuse[0.20.3]. New documentation on fuse website is incomplete. Anyone have example, could you please share? Thanks


Sorry for the late reply, but this article should put you on the right track: