Navigation between separate project folders


I am learning Fuse and have a problem.

I have created a simple app as;

    <Router ux:Name="router" />
    <Navigator DefaultTemplate="login">
        <LoginPage ux:Template="login" router="router" />
        <RegisterPage ux:Template="register" router="router" />
        <HomePage ux:Template="home" router="router" />
        <SettingsPage ux:Template="settings" router="router" />
        <UserProfilePage ux:Template="profile" router="router" />

Now I want to structure my project so that all ux page files are in a “views” folder and all js files arein a “logic” folder.

I guess js files can simply be linked from the page ux files as

<JavaScript File="../logic/registerPage.js" />

But i dont know how to link the ux page files in the app main itself.

Hi, Fuse doesn’t care in which files your ux classes are defined, as long as they are included in your project. So you’re free to put your pages in sub-directories, and refer to them like usual.

For instance, I can do

    <InAFolder Value="{txt}"/>

And then keep this in for instance SomeFolder/InAFolder.ux:

<Text ux:Class="InAFolder" Value="In a folder"/>