Two or more file.ux for one App

I start in one app that is so much code ,I can make two or more file .ux in one project , for one app ?

Thanks for read


Hi Miguel,

You can include the second file within your main file like this:


<Panel ux:Class="subview">
  <!-- contents go here -->


  <subview />

I’ve used a Panel container here in subview.ux but you can use other containers, it’s specifying the class that allows you to use it in the other view.

Dynamically changing which subview is used or replacing the mainview.ux with another based on an action I haven’t found a solution for yet, that may not yet be possible in Fuse, I don’t know.

Dynamically changing which subview is used

This is exactly what navigation is for. :slight_smile:

Hi Remi,

The question I have with navigation is that all your pages are pre-loaded. For large applications that can be ALOT of stuff that is just sitting there hidden away not to mention that it needs to be dealt with when the application starts. If the user never accesses parts of the application that represents wasted time and resources.

Sure for your 3 or 4 page iPhone apps it won’t be a limitation but implementing a full intra-net tablet app with tens if not hundreds of pages, hmm, I may not want that all loaded up front…

Possibly the guys at Fuse have dealt with this so well that it isn’t an issue but it feels to me like something is missing if I want to use Fuse for larger projects.

Anyway, we’re getting off topic :slight_smile:

Hi Mux Thanks for the answer :wink: , I start one job in January and start to learn Fuse the 15th and is a a little application for one gym ( I need more on less 10 pages with different stuffs) , I know that you can make so much stuff with Fuse ,I believe that Fuse when finish make better API .

Thanks for the answers