Fuse starting automatically on Win7


6 Fuse processes starts running when I boot my computer, and I cannot see any setting to disable in this in the Fuse dashboard, nor is Fuse in msconfig -> startup.

I first installed Fuse version 0.36.0 (build 11838), then updated to Fuse version 0.36.1 (build 12010).


I may have been wrong here. Looks like Fuse is starting when I’m starting Atom, and that I’ve been starting Atom so soon after startup that I made a wrong connection.

Seems strange to me that starting Atom would launch 6 Fuse-processes even though there’s no Fuse-related files that exist in the current project or open.

I’m also wondering if there’s a way to turn this off. Fuse starts automatically when I launch Atom or Visual Studio Code.

With Visual Studio Code, it starts automatically only when VS Code is opening a Fuse project, which I guess is ok, although not ideal: there’s times I want to work or look at Fuse code but don’t need the Fuse program running in the tray.

With Atom, it starts no matter what project I have open. This is annoying, as I don’t need or want Fuse to startup when I’m working on say an unrelated NodeJS project.

Thanks for the bug report! :slight_smile:

I agree that this is not ideal behavior. I have created a ticket for this, and hope to have this resolved in a future release.