Fuse not loading on MAC

I click the icon in applications to load fuse, only for it to quit within 2 secs of trying to load

I also can’t run Fuse on Yosemite.

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that! Let’s see if we can fix it.

When you start Fuse, do you get a Fuse icon in the menu bar, like this? file

What happens if you in the terminal do open /Applications/Fuse.app/?

Can you please paste the output of the following commands?

  • fuse --version
  • mono --version
  • which mono

Hi, not sure if this belongs here.

I just installed v0.5.6000 build 3914.

The icon appears in the menu bar, but the menu doesn’t show the recent projects I worked on. How do I get these?

Apparently I can just do New...

fuse --version shows the right version

mono --version gives Mono JIT compiler version 4.0.3

which monogives /usr/bin/mono

Thanks for your help!


Hi Leonardo,

That’s strange! Can you do fuse preview and interact with your app?

Hi Anders, thanks but I can’t, I get

fuse: Could not find a fuse project to preview

And the projects are where I left them ! Maybe now Fuse expects the projects to be in some other folder?

Where can I see which is the the Fuse home folder? Some config file I guess?


Hi again,

Just go into the directory of the project you want to preview before running the fuse preview command. For instance:

cd /tmp
fuse create app example
cd example
fuse preview

Alternatively you can run fuse preview <path> if you want to preview something outside of the current working directory. For instance, if I am no longer in /tmp/example, I can do

fuse preview /tmp/example