Fuse is good but ...


I like fuse, even love it, simple and really speed to prototype and build real native app, in other words it seems the miracle of creating app with less of effort and headaches.

But there is one thing that makes me afraid to adopt this framework, and i hesitate to suggest my team to works with it :

  • Audio support is missing : Impossible to play audio on button click, i have to learn uno to get this functionnality, oh nooo another language to learn? no thanks, i know fusetools is still on beta version but audio is very important on apps, without it there is a big hole on user interaction.

I missed something? if anyone can tell me if i can play audio from javascript with fuse …

  • No select box : And what id do if i need select element?

Or i missed something ?

Thank you


Thanks for your feedback!

Audio support is being worked on, so that should be resolved quite soon.

What do you mean by select box? Can you post a picture of what you mean?



What minimum requirements need my machine to work with the fuse?

It would be great if you could add/update the features page with stuff like this. Thanks


Apologies for the gravely out-of-date feature overview.
We’re currently discussing how we can best provide a roadmap at the right level of detail and will let you know when we have something ready (that we’ll actually be able to maintain!)

Until then: feel free to ask us here in the forums about any specific features & functionality you’re wondering about.