Good news on Audio Support?

Is there good news coming soon on Audio support?

I saw this:

It says:

“Our full app example using the SoundCloud API (and featuring audio of course) is soon finished. :)”

Hopefully it’ll provide a simple way to play audio, music and short sounds in your fuse apps (and not force you to use use SoundCloud’s API).

Actively being worked on by several of us. As I type this I’ve got a prototype where playing short sounds like sound effects is just a <PlaySound File="mysound.wav"/> tag in UX. Got it behaving nice on iOS with Android most likely following suit tomorrow. The background/stream audio API is more advanced, but this short sound effect API should have a version for you very soon indeed.


Great news - thanks Andreas!

Sounds like just what I need:)

I have 2 hopes:

  1. The example will show how to play sounds from Javascript.
  2. There will be an option to to share audio output with other apps. I think its AVAudioSessionCategoryAmbient on iOS.

Great. Looking forward to this.

Currently the sound coming from videos don´t care if the Phone is in silent mode. It could be great if this new PlaySound could actually respect the Phone Status.

I can confirm that PlaySound is a completely respectful API :wink: