Why i stay far from fuse

Here i explain why i stay far from fuse, this tool is great, and i like the way to prototype an app, however as a web developer background i use javascript each day (as many WD), i have tested many tools to build native like app (Cordova, Titanium, Ionic and fuse …).

  • With fuse i cannot get audio player without knowing foreign code (obj-c && java) and uno, i ask myself “why i should waste time to learn those languages ?” titanium can access 90% of native modules but with fuse …
  • Need a background service for geolocation ? learn uno + java + obj-c for multiplatform app
  • No documentation to learn uno

Fuse team said ONE YEAR AGO that abstraction for background tasks is on pipeline (https://www.fusetools.com/community/forums/feature_requests/audio_support) but till now we have no news.

I agree that you work hard for this tool fuse teams, but please don’t tell us that fuse is accessible from everyone, f i have to learn 3 languages (uno, java, obj-c or C#) to explore native features, it’s purely false.
Thanks and good continuation for everyone.

Here’s why you suck:

  • I’m also a JS dev and have tested Cordova, Ionic, Titanium etc. IMO Fuse blows the socks off these dinosaur tools. I experienced a LOT more issues with Titanium. Do you think it maybe depends on what you’re making?
  • I also know no UNO, C#, Swift, and I’ve managed to bring my app vision to life pretty much the way I pictured.
  • Have a little patience ffs. Have you tried making a tool that is prototyping and production ready in one without recoding? You make one yourself and try to please the community at the same time!

Also, why you would post this in this forum is beyond me…
Fuse is awesome and you suck, Q.E.D.

Yeah, Fuse i awesome i admit it, but basics functionalities like audio is almost wanted. Tools are made to make our life easy and have to learn other language for a single plugin is sucks, i already build awesome app with titanium , and i think i could do best with fuse, but how to maintain my business app with it if my customer asks me to a new functionality for his audio player (like adding slider and timer) ?
It’s not only about making awesome app and make animations here and here, it’s about maintaining too,updating etc… and i think those things should be default implemented on tools like this.

“Have a little patience ffs” , for you 1 year is not a patience ? your arguments sucks

Alright guys, let’s cool this down, shall we? There’s no need for name-calling.

Naturally, Fuse isn’t for everyone, and if you already have an app project running in another framework by all means it makes sense for you to continue to do so. Switching for the sake of switching is usually a recipe for disaster. :slight_smile:

That said, what features matter to one user might not matter much to others. We develop Fuse together with the community, and the highest requested features and functions are usually given the most focus from us. On the flipside, we developed Fuse the way we did exactly because adding native functionality is very easy for people with native development experience (our core audience after all), and for the most part they seem to be very happy. :slight_smile:

PS: I’ve moved this thread away from “Show and tell” as it doesn’t belong there, and as far as I’m concerned, I consider the matter closed now.