Product roadmap and features - with voting.

TL/DR: Create a product roadmap and allow users to vote on individual features to help with prioritization.

Discussion: I was looking around for a few things, e.g.: 1) How to play a sound. 2) An approximate time-frame for the 1.0 release.

I did find, but it is deprecated & there doesn’t seem to be a replacement yet.

(BTW, audio isn’t supported yet. You can roll your own but, unfortunately, the first examples found via google are outdated and no longer work with 2.0. Instead look at or

Hi, we’re currently working on updating our roadmap. As a first step, it’s been moved into our new documentation system here:

A second step is to give it an overhaul, as we’ve unfortunately not been very good at updating it. I’ve created an internal issue for the correct people to do this.

A way to vote on features might be a good idea, we’ll discuss it!