Fuse (beta) release 0.1.2253

Fuse beta release 0.1.2253

This release sees a number of bug-fixes and improvements for the mobile platforms and the tool. The quest for perfection continues!

New features

  • Big improvements to how we interact with the system UI on iOS and android. It’s now behaving well on all Android devices we can get our grubby hands on. Because of this, you can use the <TopFrameBackground/> and <BottomFrameBackground/> elements in your UX to react automatically to changes in the system’s UI. This allows you to keep content below the status bar, above the keyboard etc. Please let us know in the comments if you find a device with any issues.
  • Fuse will now remember the last place you created a project and use that as the default location when creating new ones.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed tab-related crash introduced in previous release
  • Much better rendering throttling for iOS and Android.
  • Fixed GL artifacts for some android devices on rotation and restore.
  • Fixed minor issue where opening deleted projects from the recent projects menu caused odd behavior.
  • Vsync has been properly implemented on both OSX and Windows. This should improve overall CPU usage.

Sublime plugin

New features

  • Suggestion matching should be more aggressive now, omitting more false positives.
  • Added experimental feature for folding attributes by namespace. For instance all ux: attributes such as ux:Name are folded into the single suggestion ux: until the : has been typed past. This feature is currently opt-in and can be enabled with the setting fuse_ux_attrib_folding.

Fuse libs


Thanks for the latest version! A small thing I noticed with Windows release - this version has crashed a couple of times in preview mode after saving file changes in Sublime

Fuse crashed again, specifically after trying to build & run after accidentally using invalid syntax in my UX file. Got the following build error in Sublime, if it helps any:

- Build Result -

'WhileEdgeSwiped' doesn't fit here. 'SwipeNavigate' does not have any content properties that accept 'WhileEdgeSwiped' - C:\Users\Holly\Documents\Fuse\nav-state\MainView.ux(144:0):E