Fuse (beta) release 0.1.2469

Fuse beta release 0.1.2469

This release contains stability fixes and minor improvements to the overall experience. There will only be small fixes to the Fusetool for the next few weeks, since we are making some fundamental changes to the Fusetool. However, new features and fixes for Fuse libraries will be released.

Fixes and improvements

  • Minor project view improvements
  • Improves general stability

Fuse libs


I have two problems when I update to this version. I read the ChangeLog of “NavigateTo, Navigation.Active” and “DrawContext, OnDraw, Draw changes” but I cant fixit!

  1. I have a DirectNavigation like this:
<DirectNavigation ux:Name="_nav" Active="Page01" />

and in UNO:

       void BotonLogInFacebook(object sender, ClickedArgs args)

I get this error:

Call to 'Fuse.Navigation.DirectNavigation.Goto(Fuse.Node,Fuse.Navigation.NavigationGotoMode)' has some invalid arguments (Fuse.Controls.Page) - /Users/cristiankarmy/Fuse/findit 1.0/MainView.ux.uno(116:4):E

  1. I use the Blur effect (https://gist.github.com/kusma/4e2020394ac1591cd4bd)

And I get this error:

Call to 'Fuse.DrawContext.PopRenderTarget(Fuse.IRenderTargetHandle)' has some invalid arguments () - /Users/cristiankarmy/Fuse/findit 1.0/BlurHelper.uno(74:4):E

pointing to this:



  1. There is an additional parameter now specifying how to translate (to allow bypassing). Try _nav.Goto(Page02,NavigationGotoMode.Transition). Alternately, you can just specify _nav.Active = Page02 as this will now trigger animation (to make it consistent with UX).

  2. PushRenderTarget now returns the old “state” and you must provide that to Pop.

var old = dc.PushRenderTarget(...);

This matches the other functions in DrawContext now and provides a measurable speed improvement.

I’ve now upgraded the gist (https://gist.github.com/kusma/4e2020394ac1591cd4bd) to the latest API. I have also included the effect in our standard-library, so from the next release (hopefully, depends a bit on testing), you shouldn’t need the Gist at all, and changes to the effect will happen automatically.