Fuse (beta) release 0.1.2430

Fuse beta release 0.1.2430

This release contains several updates to Fuse libs, as well as some fixes to UI interactions in the Fuse tool.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed misbehaving solution explorer file interactions

Fuse libs


Hi, I was using this Blur effect: https://gist.github.com/kusma/4e2020394ac1591cd4bd And when I update to this Version I get this error…

How can I fix this?

Build Result -

There is no identifier named ‘GetLocalElementRect’ accessible in this scope. Did you mean ‘GetLocalElementRect’ (as in Fuse.Effects.BasicEffect.GetLocalElementRect())? - /Users/cristiankarmy/Fuse/findit 1.0/Blur.uno(51:26):E

There is nothing named ‘GetCompositMatrix’ accessible in this scope. Are you missing a package reference? - /Users/cristiankarmy/Fuse/findit 1.0/Blur.uno(61:31):E

Call to ‘Fuse.Elements.Element.CaptureRegion(Fuse.DrawContext,Uno.Rect,float2)’ has some invalid arguments (Fuse.DrawContext,Uno.Recti,int2,float4x4) - /Users/cristiankarmy/Fuse/findit 1.0/Blur.uno(64:20):E

Unable to resolve data type of meta property, no unambiguous definition of ‘GraphTransform’ was found in the block scope - /Users/cristiankarmy/Fuse/findit 1.0/Blur.uno(74:6):E

Yeah, there’s been some changes in the effect-framework, that we didn’t document in the changeblog. Sorry about that. I’ll have a look if I can update the code to the latest API.

Andreas Rønning has been kind enough to fix up the changes listed above to include https://github.com/fusetools/changeblog/wiki/3d-elements-and-transforms-%2815-May-2015%29#effect which covers those changes missed. Thanks, Andreas!

I’ve also updated the Blur effect at https://gist.github.com/kusma/4e2020394ac1591cd4bd to the latest API, so hopefully it should now work for you again.

Thanks!!! Works perfect now! :slight_smile:

I Can’t change build target to Android. SDKDownloader opened, but close immediately! :frowning:

We are aware of this issue, and are working on a bugfix. Sorry about that!

A hotfix release (v0.1.2451) has been pushed for the Android build issue, and can now be downloaded.

Please keep us posted if you encounter any further difficulties.