Fuse (beta) release 0.25.1

Fuse 0.25.1 is out!

This is a bugfix release that fixes the following:

  • An issue in some older Android versions, where the OpenGL context would be leaked under som circumstances has been worked around. This problem manifested itself as images seemingly randomly being swapped.
  • Fixed an issue where fuse preview would sometimes fail with unzip: cannot find or open (...) the first time it was run after Fuse was installed/upgraded
  • Fixed an issue where the this.Parameter observable in a JS module would not behave properly when a <Navigator /> reused pages
  • Fixed an issue in the example project where page 2 did not react on touch input
  • Fixed a crash when setting Image.Source to null when inside NativeViewHost
  • Fixed a problem getting dataDirectory and cacheDirectory while running with fuse preview
  • Fixed an issue where the some parts of the Monitor UI would not display, or not resize correctly
  • Fixed an issue that hit people who upgraded from a more than a year old version of Fuse to a recent build. They were not able to build for Android, getting an Access denied message.

Download and see the full change log at the download page!