Fuse app not launching when developing custom component

Fuse app compiles correctly but the app not launching even after half an hour. No error messages were shown. Screen shot attached.


Hi Vicker,

The code you’re showing here should not compile, so it’s strange that you get “0 Error(s)” there.

Can you please let me know which version of Fuse you are using? And how exactly are you previewing the project, are you just doing fuse preview with no more arugments from the command line?

It would also be helpful if you could zip up your project and upload it to http://dropbox.com/request/Rx1QN3QluvxAJiyGJqrh, so we can have a look.

Hi Anders,

I started my machine, launched a terminal session and simply go to the project folder and type in fuse preview. Any chance that there are some outdated cache somewhere that make this happen?

Using Mac OS X El Captain with Fuse 0.8.3 downloaded from Fuse web site directly.

Uploaded. Also included the terminal content in the file terminal-log.txt for your reference.

Hi Vicker,

Sorry, the code you have there should compile just fine, I was wrong. However, it will not work in preview, since anything in ux.uno files does not get included for preview.

We will make sure that this error is a lot more visible in future versions.


However it will work in preview if you create another project. So in your case from your project directory create a new folder called Startup and move all your files from your project directory to here. Then call fuse create app CustomComponents from your old project directory, and remove CustomComponents/MainView.ux. Then move Startup/CustomButton.ux into CustomComponents. Finally add this to test-custom-component.unoproj:

"Projects": ["../CustomComponents/CustomComponents.unoproj"]

Hope it was okey that I uploaded a modified version of your code to show what I explained above, if not notify me. To test run fuse preview test-custom-component/Startup, and your custom control should work. Example


The above example can be used as reference for other developers who wants to make custom controls. However it is still recommended to not use codebehind. Also your ux and uno files inside the CustomControls project will not be reloaded(uno files never reloads), so to see changes done involves killing fuse(FuseTray->Quit) and then starting a new fuse preview. That’s required because the code needs to be recompiled. So the easiest way is to use fuse build while editing or creating custom controls. And then when done, use your custom controls from preview.

We are also looking into making the process of creating custom controls a lot easier.

Thanks Anders and Emil.

Indeed that is a little bit messy but it is easy to understand. Looking forward to future improvement on custom controls as that is crucial for reusability in larger projects.