Export animation values for Native Platform(Hand-Off)

Hello, Fuse team.

My suggestion is hand-off feature like this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk431HuDZVc

I know it is a unhappy suggestion to fuse, but I think it should be in Fuse Studio(Pro) for spreading fuse to bunch of designers.

I hope many team use fuse for making their product, mobile application.
But almost product team has a their application made on iOS / Android platform, so using or integrating fuse in their product is not possible in short time.

In our team case, I’m interaction & animation maker using fuse. After our team check my prototype and agree application flow & animation, I make interaction & animation guide because they have to make application applied my interaction on native platform.

Of course, for this process fuse already support integration, I know. But for stable product, developers doesn’t want to use 3rd party library. I think it is a real situation we’re facing.

As a big fan of fuse, I want many designers and developers use fuse. But to developers, fuse is unfamiliar and difficult to designers. If it is impossible to take both, first step is taking designers needs, I think as a designer.

for more explain my ‘interaction/animation guide’, I sent my guide to guro & ian in slack. (because of keeping a secret from outsiders)

Hey there and thanks for the nice comments — great to hear from designers who have embraced and mastered Fuse. :slight_smile: At the core Fuse is a development tool that has been created with designers in mind (UX markup is the result of years of ideas, discussions, and engineering to get to a declarative language that makes sense for both designers and developers).

As for your specific use-case, Fuse is really designed to be used as the implementation platform for what’s made in Fuse. Meaning: if Fuse is used to create screens, interactions, and animations, Fuse is what those will run on.

Now, there are alternatives for teams that have existing native projects or want to use Fuse for just parts of these projects (namely our Xcode and Android Studio integrations), but if that is not sufficient, I’m sorry to say that there are no current plans to expand how Fuse content is exported to other platforms.