Web Export and Deployment

Hi, I’m new to fuse and I’m excited to find such a capable cross development tool. I was looking through the docs and saw that fuse exports to iOS and Android. But is there a way to also export an app for use on the web? This point seems a bit fuzzy to me. The development language is javascript and it seems natural that a web export might be possible. Could anyone provide any clarity, or workaround suggestions. I need to be able to deploy on iOS, Android and web.

Also, I noticed watch images on fuse’s home pages, so does it support Apple’s Watch OS or only Android watch devices?

Thanks! - Jason W.

Hey and welcome @JasonW!

Unfortunately, you cant export Fuse project for the web. Fuse is built on top of a programming language called Uno. This means that when Fuse compiles your code, it is actually compiling an Uno project. You can write your business logic in JavaScript and all the UI elements in UX markup. Latter Uno compiles everything to Java or Objective-C.

My workaround would be to use Firebase as my backend for all the data and create an app for Android and iOs with Fuse and using the same backend create a webpage. This way data will be synchronized between app and web.

Since you can edit your exported project in Android Studio / Xcode, you can export watch app for both platforms. Haven’t tried this, since I dont use watch.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I’m a bit sad it doesn’t export to web, but I’ll look into the workaround you suggested. Maybe there’s some other possibilities out there as well. This looks interesting: http://tombo.io
Anyway, glad to have found fuse…