Example app hikr

please, i noticed when i built the example app on my device, the back button of the device doesnt work. is this a common thing to every fuse apps


When using <Router /> in fuse pressing the backbutton will be the same as calling goBack(). hikr uses <Router />, so if you navigate around in that app, it should go back to the previous page when pressing the device backbutton.

Let me know if what I described above does not work :slight_smile: And also, if that is the case what device and android version are you running?

It does not work on my device.

my device model number is Halo (www.innjoo.com)

android 4.4.2

From the js code, it’s obivious the back button of the device won’t work.

Aleme: if the suggested solution from Vegard above does not work, you’ll need to post a test case (code) for us to take a look at, impossible to debug otherwise. :slight_smile: