Go back stops working after using it on first page with nothing to go back to

When using the back button with nothing to go back to it stops working when navigating to other pages. Happens both on Android phone and in preview mode on local PC.

Code example

	function goToPage() {
		console.log("Go page");

	module.exports = {
		goToPage : goToPage

	<Navigator DefaultPath="home">
		<Page ux:Template="home">
			<PageControl ux:Name="containerControl">
					<Panel Tapped="{goToPage}">
					<Text Value="Page 1" />

		<Page ux:Template="goto_page">
			<PageControl ux:Name="containerControl">
					<Text Value="Page 2" />

Use Go Back on Page 1 then click Page 1 to go to to Page 2. Go Back won’t work for going back to Page 1.

This should have been fixed in a recent patch release. What version of fuse are you running?


It is a different issue than the App crash. The back button just stops working, not going back to the previous page.

I created a new issue ticket.