error when compiling the firebase login example


I am following the fb/gmail/mail login with firebase example:

but when building for iOS (fuse build -t=iOS -DCOCOAPODS) i get the following error (i guess it’s related to ARC):

error: cast of C pointer type 'void ’ to Objective-C pointer type 'GIDGoogleUser ’ requires a bridged cast
user = (GIDGoogleUser

/Users/saul/Desktop/Work/Fuse Projects/auth/AuthExample/build/iOS/Debug/src/ note: use __bridge to convert directly (no change in ownership)
GIDGoogleUser* user = (GIDGoogleUser*)usr;

/Users/saul/Desktop/Work/Fuse Projects/auth/AuthExample/build/iOS/Debug/src/ note: use CFBridgingRelease call to transfer ownership of a +1 'void ’ into ARC
user = (GIDGoogleUser*)usr;

I opened the project with xcode despite the errors and tried to compile it. Even if it’s still not working I solved some build issues by:

  • Installing FB Framework
  • Adding compiler flags: -fno-objc-arc to the Firebase files in build phases (see picture)

but now stuck in Module “Jetfire” not found (i guess it’s because i got the error when building for iOS and there are files missing)

Please pull firebase & try this again. Also for projects with open github accounts like Fuse.Firebase please feel free to use the issue tracker there.

Now it works.


Fb login working propertly but Xcode crashes when clicking on the google login button

XCode crashes? That’s worrying. Are you using a beta of XCode?


XCode 8.2.1 (8C1002)

This looks like you
Let’s continue the conversation over there