Cannot build FuseExample_Using_APNS_and_Firebase_Together project for iOS


I have implemented the solution in FuseExample_Using_APNS_and_Firebase_Together project as advised in the threads to handle Push Notification for both iOS and Android. But now I cannot build it in XCode because of the *Property ‘delegate’ not found on object of type 'FIRMessaging error that comes from the file

// public extern void Start() [instance] :28
void iOSImpl::Start()
        FireNotificationCallbacks* fireCB = [[FireNotificationCallbacks alloc] init];
        iOSImpl::_iosDelegate_ = ::g::ObjC::Object::Create(fireCB);
        [FIRMessaging messaging].delegate = (id<FIRMessagingDelegate>)fireCB; //Property 'delegate' not found on object of type 'FIRMessaging *'

I am working on MacBook Pro with macOS High Sierra version 10.13.4. My XCode version is 9.3 (9E145) and Fuse version is v1.8.1 (build 15610). I have also pulled the latest code from GitHub in order to be sure that I am not missing any latest changes that can fix this error.

Thanks in advance,



I can suggest updating FirebaseMessaging pod to the latest version and see what happens.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Arturs. It worked!